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2016 ETS English Language Learning Summer Institute: Paid Internships Available

The English Language Learning (ELL) group in the Assessment Development Division of Educational Testing Service (ETS) expects to hire approximately 35 interns for the summer of 2016.



ELL summer interns will produce materials for use on large-scale, high-stakes standardized tests of English language proficiency. Each intern will work on one of the following:

  • TOEFL iBT® Test

The TOEFL iBT test is taken by nonnative speakers of English who are planning to apply to a college or university in an English-speaking country.

  • TOEIC® Tests

The TOEIC tests are taken principally by people who need to communicate with both native and nonnative speakers of English in the context of the global workplace.

The test development work is intellectually challenging and rewarding. The work may include:

  • writing items that test knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension
  • identifying academic texts which are suitable for testing reading comprehension
  • creating conversations and talks that test listening comprehension
  • developing scenarios and prompts that allow candidates to demonstrate their speaking or writing skills


The six-week program begins on Monday, July 11, and ends on Friday, August 19. Interns are expected to work 8:30–5:00, Monday through Friday, for the whole program, and will receive attractive compensation. All work is conducted at the ETS Rosedale campus in Princeton, New Jersey. Interns must provide or arrange their own housing and transportation.


The TOEIC tests are global measures, so ETS actively seeks candidates who can bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the work. The ELL summer internship workforce includes undergraduate students, graduate students, teachers, and professors.

Interns must have a very high degree of fluency in English but do not need to be native speakers, nor do they need to be U.S. citizens. Non-U.S. citizens must have appropriate work visas.

All interns must have excellent writing skills. The work requires verbal precision and sensitivity to nuance, analytic skill, attention to detail, and receptiveness to instruction. Interns must be able to work well individually and collaboratively, carefully consider constructive feedback, and manage their time effectively to meet targets.


Each of the test sections hiring for the summer is associated with a specific work sample. You will need to complete and submit a separate work sample for each test section for which you would like to be considered. Directions for completing and submitting your work sample(s), along with a cover letter and résumé, are available on the ELL Summer Institute Web site at

Applications are due Sunday, March 27, 2016. Applicants are selected mainly on the basis of their performance on the work samples. Work samples will be evaluated in April, and you will be notified of your status by April 29. For questions, please contact Recruiting Consultant Monica Hopkins at


Writer’s Block Visiting Speaker, Anna Breslaw, Nov. 17

On Tues, Nov 17, at 11:30 in Fine Arts 305, novelist and staff writer for Cosmopilitan, Anna Breslaw will visit Writer’s Block.
Here’s a glimpse of the advice Anna gives writers on her blog:

“What’s your best advice for a soon-to-be college grad/wannabe writer with an english degree? you have my dream job.

Pitch lots of places–nothing’s “beneath” you when you start out–and read the shit out of them before you do. Also: Welcome editors’ notes, don’t fight them!”